HELP! Sell with us; our Buyers are searching for their dream homes!


  • Looking for West Blvd Area homes (2 Clients looking) from $150,000 – $400,000
  • Looking for Special West Rapid Home must be special (i.e. view, setting, waterfront, location..) ! Ranch-style preferred, minor updating OK.  Up to $400,000
  • Looking for a home with a view up to $250,000.  Close to downtown.  Near hiking trails or West Blvd preferred.
  • North Rapid home near General Beadle Elementary up to $160,000
  • Up to $1 million (something special off Sheridan Lake Rd, Hwy 16 near Sheridan Lake) must be unique and spectacular!!!  Can be land, older home with land, or new.

Pocket Listing:

  • Pinedale Area Price: $239,000, 4 Bed/2.5 Bath/2 Car Garage
  • Pinedale Area Price $199,000 4 Beds/2 baths/2 Car Garage
  • West Boulevard Area $269,000 3 Beds/1.5 Bath/1 Car Garage

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